Who is Musicians In Action? (MIA)

An organization uniquely designed for Gospel Musicians, Music Ministers and members of Church music leadership teams.

What does MIA provide?

M.I.A. offers support, encouragement and fellowship for musicians. This occurs through the provision of a practical and realistic forum for Gospel Musicians to interact with one another on issues that impact their particular music ministry. This creates an interdenominational gospel ministry/ musicians dialogue regarding interpersonal relationships and the mechanics of musicianship.

MIA strives to create, develop and maintain an environment, for those involved in a church music ministry that is conducive to the development of relationships, confidence and self-esteem.

MIA provides Biblical principles for the resolution of conflicts and challenges that can arise within the music ministry parameters.

What Issues does MIA Address?

MIA addresses such issues as:

  • Role of music in the church
  • Music skills and techniques
  • Interpretation of music
  • Pastor/Musicians relationships

On April 25, 1992, Musicians In Action, an Interdenominational Musicians organization became a reality. The concept for MIA was born out of a concern for and the realization of the power and importance of music in the church. Additionally, there was a need for Gospel Musicians to dialogue with one another in two key areas, interpersonal relationships and the mechanics of musicianship.

Today MIA continues the quest for development and unity among musicians by sponsoring events such as:

  • Let’s Talk – A Pastor/Musician Annual Breakfast
  • Celebrating A Man & His Music
  • Music Ministry Retreat
  • Music Ministry Awards
  • Drum Clinic
  • Three Tenors & A Baritone
  • Gospel Plays Classical


Musicians In Action is a Non-Profit 501(c)3 Organization


Meet the Board

Gerald Malone

Jacquelyn Malone

Vice President
Suzanne Williams

Executive Secretary
Roslyn Adams

Secretary Emeritus
Shaaron Davis

Darryl Johnson

Dr. Manton McKinney

Yvonne James
E. Alona Jordan
DyAnne Moody
Betty Rhone
Johnnie Taylor

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